Roberto Santilli Fondazione Otto Dylan Dog

The "father" of Dylan Dog, Tiziano Sclavi, who lives with his wife, seven dogs and two cats in in the countryside in Venegono Superiore, launches an appeal to raise funds to provide care to dogs and cats suffering from cardiopulmonary diseases .
The creator of Dylan Dog and a group of volunteers is to create the “Otto Foundation” that has the ambitious goal of becoming one of the first independent organism for scientific research of cardiopulmonary diseases of dogs and cats.
"My wife and I dedicate ourselves for years and now almost exclusively to the care and protection of animals," writes Tiziano Sclavi latest issue of Dylan Dog. "One of the dreams that we love more is the Otto Foundation - continues - a project still in progress, which is named after our beloved little dachshund."
At the head of the Foundation will be Dr Roberto Santilli, veterinary cardiologist of international renown of the Clinica Veterinaria Malpensa, assisted by the chief of cardiovascular intensive care Manuela Perego and the chief of the anesthetisia unit Alberto Perini.

Meanwhile, however, the future Foundation is already operating: "We funded the installation of a pacemaker in Boris and Rex, a complex surgical repair (succlavian-pulmonary bypass)  that saved a puppy Bulldog French, Camillo ", a pulmonary balloon valvuloplastic in Danny and Zora, a reconstruction of right ventricular outflow tract in Flo and very recently a PDA occlusion with an ACDO in Benny .

Committee secretary of the Foundation will be Dr. Angelo Mascheroni. Recently the foundation made available to the department of cardiology of Clinica Veterinaria Malpensa a pulmonary bypass device to allow the execution of complex cardio-surgery interventions.
For information and donations write to Dr. Angelo Mascheroni, address:


Danny is a Rottweiler male two years old with a severe hypoplastic pulmonary valve stenosis. With the help of the Otto Foundation, Danny underwent at the Veterinary Clinic Malpensa to anballoon valvuloplasty with low and high pressure devices, which unfortunately did not allow to fully solve the obstruction of the right ventricle. In the future […]
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Hello Dr. Perego and Dr. Santilli, by Giorgio and Rex, I’m really happy for what you have done for Rex and I shall be eternally grateful , I would find a way to repay you for what you did to Rex , when I look at him , this is the best I can ask […]
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FLO a Golden Retriever, female, one and a half year old with a severe pulmonary stenosis withhypoplastic wide fibrotic subvalvular component. The pathology of Flo induced severe right heart failure with deterioration of health conditions. Despite the execution of a balloon valvuloplasty with low and high pressure device, the stenosis of Flo has not been […]
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CAMILLO (Varese , Italy), one of the association Shelter for Stray had serious episodes of cyanosis after minimal effort . Echocardiography showed a complex congenital condition called tetralogy of Fallot . At the Veterinary Clinic Malpensa , with the help of the Committee for the Otto Foundation, it was possible to make a heart surgery […]
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We are very happy to know that the operation of 30 August for the installation of pacemaker to Boris, beautiful boxer, was successful and he is recovering. “An efficient word of mouth and the appeal of Annalisa on the website “Adopt a Boxer for the life” we ​​have been touched and moved and we had […]
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