We are very happy to know that the operation of 30 August for the installation of pacemaker to Boris, beautiful boxer, was successful and he is recovering.

“An efficient word of mouth and the appeal of Annalisa on the website “Adopt a Boxer for the life” we ​​have been touched and moved and we had to finance this intervention, because our dream for a few years is to create a Foundation for research and the treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases of dogs and cats. Thank you first of all to Otto, our beloved dachshund that kicked off this whole chain of love and the memory of which will be dedicated to our Otto Foundation. And then Carla, mother of Boris that has become these days our dear friend, and Anna, who has a dedication and a love for what he does overtime. Last but not least, Dr. Santilli, who agreed to put Boris in the funding program of the Committee of incorporation of the Foundation and Otto and who performed the operation. We hope that this is the first step of collaboration between private, voluntary associations and doctors because all our animal friends can have love and veterinary care more efficient and affordable for all. A big hug to Boris.”

Tiziano Scalvi