Hello Dr. Perego and Dr. Santilli, by Giorgio and Rex, I’m really happy for what you have done for Rex and I shall be eternally grateful , I would find a way to repay you for what you did to Rex , when I look at him , this is the best I can ask why it is still here so happy, he still want to live. This experience began tragically for Rex just a month ago he had passed on desperately on me , then thank you and the staff of the Clinica Veterinaria Malpensa , the Portoni Rossi Hospital and the fondazione Otto you have decided to help us, this experience has become positive for the future of Rex and for mine. Needless to explain the suffering of Rex, you’ve seen the best of me, and you see it every day , I had one of my huge sense of helplessness and hopelessness , I was really lucky to meet you and thanks to you has passed.