Roberto Santilli med vet - Specialista Europeo

The 20 February 1999 Dr Roberto Santilli graduated at the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Specialty of cardioglogy. The specialty in veterinary cardiology is achieved through a program of postgraduate education defined by the European College of Internal Medicine of Companion Animals (ECVIM-CA), an institution recognized by the European Board of Veterinary Specializations (EBVS). The specialist title is obtained after a training period of 1 year in a facility accredited by the European Colleges, followed by a period of clinical activity and research under the supervision of specialists diplomate. At the end of the training period, after presenting credentials such as a copy of the caselog followed in the three years and two copies of publications written in international peer-reviewed journals, the candidate must undergo a theoretical examination in internal medicine and a theoretical -practical in cardiology. Once obtained the diploma of specialist in cardiology, must continue to work full time in the chosen discipline, must carry out research, publishing, must participate in national and international conferences to keep his knowledge to always the highest level and in some cases can train other specialists. Its activities are re-evaluated from college membership every five years. Getting the European diploma cardiology is considered quite prestigious. At the moment in Europe around 15 residency programs are available, one of which at the Clinica Veterinaria Malpensa. Be admitted to a specialty program is extremely competitive because there are few places available annually. At the moment there are about 50 graduates in veterinary cardiology, four of which operate in Italy.